Merchant Policies

Delivery methods
USPS small flat rate ( up to 5 soaps)
One item: $10.00; Each additional item: $0.00
USPS medium flat rate (5-10 soaps)
One item: $15.00; Each additional item: $0.00
USPS large flat rate box
One item: $23.00; Each additional item: $0.00
Local pick up or delivery
Delivery notes

As we all know the shipping costs are always increasing and I’m trying to keep it at a minimum for my customers depending on the size of your order most will be able to fit into the small flat rate shipping cost box but if not then we may have to go up to the medium flat rate box if that is the case I will contact you, thanks for your understanding 

Processing time
Processing notes

Depending on size of order it may take me just a few days extra to make everything new for my customers  

Payment options
Payment methods accepted
Payment notes

Venmo is also accepted by choosing mastercard 

Square ,Cash app and Facebook pay are also other options 

Please contact me directly with any questions 💙💙