Lip gloss- tube & wand-lava lamp

Lip gloss- tube & wand-lava lamp


Lava lamp lip gloss are perfect for ladies of all ages 💙

The mica powder will move from top to bottom and then back up as you turn it upside down and at every use.
Lip gloss -tube & wand applicator . All natural ingredients, each one is 10ml , made using fractionated coconut oil, mica powder, and lip safe flavoring

Flavors available are strawberry cheesecake, juicy orange, watermelon, frozen margarita, mango, and peppermint

These are long lasting and just a little bit goes a long way. coconut oil helps prevent our lips from drying out, especially this time of year

The glosses also have a bit of extra shimmer to give your lips some sparkle and a little bit color.

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